EPOC Task Manager

EPOC Task Manager

‘EPOC Task Manager’ allows effective EPOC32 ER5 system task and process management. You will get an easy access to task list from any application, as well as ultimate task switching between open applications and documents. You'll be able to run your applications and documents via any key and/or silk icon combination. ‘EPOC Task Manager’ fully replaces system task list window and significantly extends its possibilities.

Task management

After installing ‘EPOC Task Manager’ press Ctrl+System, or tap the title of application toolbar. This will open main ‘EPOC Task Manager’ window.

You can switch between information windows using “View” button (Ctrl+V):

List of opened applications
“Applications” shows a list of open applications and documents. This behaves like standard EPOC task list. Here you can close or switch to any application.

List of opened processes
“Processes” shows system process list. Here you will find every running process, including hidden ones. If necessary, you can kill a process. It can be very useful if you cannot close an application by standard means such as menu (for example, if it is a hidden application or a daemon). Apart from this list, you can get some information about processes: Pid - process id, Pri - priority, HS - heap size (dynamic memory allocated by the process), HU - heap used (used memory), SS - stack size, TC - thread count. This can be very useful for EPOC developers.
Note: you may see 'n/a' in HS, HU, SS fields in case if it is not possible to get such information.

List of opened files
“Open files” shows a list of files opened by EPOC OS. You can see file name, size and date.

Recent files
“Recent files” is similar to EPOC 'history' function: it is a list of documents recently opened by user.

Disks/RAM information
“Disks/RAM” shows some information about disks available in the system, their size and free space; this also applies to RAM.

You can switch between windows using hot keys “1”, “2”, “3”, “4”, “5”.

Hot keys

‘EPOC Task Manager’ supports all the usual keys of standard system task list manager:

  • Ctrl+E - closes an application or a process.
  • Shift+Ctrl+E - force application to close.
  • Ctrl+Fn+R - shows last system reset reason.

There are some other keys you can use:

  • Menu - shows main menu.
  • Ctrl+K - settings menu. “Show full names” turns on an option of showing full names of processes/threads and can be useful only for developers. In “Task list keys” field you can choose hot keys combination you can use to open system task list (same as Ctrl+System). In “Task switching keys” you can choose hot keys combination used to switch between open applications and documents. In “Launch document”menu you can choose method for launching documents (see “Launching applications”).
  • Ctrl+H - shows “Launching applications” menu.
  • Ctrl+R - refreshes current window.
  • Ctrl+M - shows detailed information about amount of memory used by applications and by system.
  • Ctrl+C - defragments RAM to free memory.
  • Ctrl+T - shows tread information (useful for developers only).
  • Ctrl+X - here you can select specific applications to exclude from task switcher. Mark necessary applications (excluding by type) or create excluding rules by mask (excluding by template). You can use “*” and “?” symbols when excluding by mask.
  • Shift+Ctrl+U - unloads ‘EPOC Task Manager’.
  • Shift+Ctrl+A - about ‘EPOC Task Manager’.
  • numbers from “1” to “5” are used for quick access to info windows.
Settings menu
Preferences menu

You can always use Shift+Ctrl+H keys to get help.

Switching between applications

Switching between applications is another important feature of ‘EPOC Task Manager’. You should use task switching hot keys selected in settings menu (for example, Ctrl+Tab).
Switching between applications
To move backwards, use Shift key (for example, Shift+Ctrl+Tab). You can also use your pen to select necessary icon. Finally, you can use Left/Right arrow keys to move between icons.

You can exclude some applications from task switcher. This can be useful if you don't like to be switched into some system utilities which are rarely used but work in background. To make necessary settings, open ‘EPOC Task Manager’ main menu (for example, press Ctrl+System) and press Ctrl+X keys.
Excluding from task switcher
You'll get into appropriate menu where you can exclude some applications either by type (name) or by template. When excluding by type, simply tick necessary applications using stylus or Space key. When excluding by template, you need to create some templates for names. Here you can use standard symbols like “*” (means any number of any characters) and “?” (means any single character). For example, if you have “*calc*” template, all applications with “calc” substring in name will be excluded from task switcher.

Launching applications

With ‘EPOC Task Manager’, you can launch applications and documents by creating and using hot keys. Switch to ‘EPOC Task Manager’ main menu (press Ctrl+System) and then press Ctrl+H. Now you can add necessary key combinations with keys and/or silk icons.

Entering key combination
You should enter key combinations directly as they look. For example, if you want to create Shift+Ctrl+K combination, press these keys in key input field. You'll hear a beep if some combination cannot be used.
Note: You can use Up/Down/Esc/Enter keys only with modifiers (Shift/Ctrl/Fn)!

You should know that not every combination will work. Some key combinations probably may be used by System or currently opened application.

Other functions

‘EPOC Task Manager’ can also perform some useful functions such as memory information or compacting unused memory.
Useful tools: Compact memory
Compacting memory...
Useful tools: Memory info
Memory information

Running ‘EPOC Task Manager’

If you have unloaded ‘EPOC Task Manager’ using Shift+Ctrl+U keys then you can run it again by pressing Ctrl+System keys or tapping application/system toolbar title. In case you restarted the system, you should run \System\Programs\TaskMan.exe or use launch utility (install ETaskMgrLaunch.SIS from zip archive) - see below.

If you have AlarmPlus utility 1.30 or higher, you can add the following line to Autostart menu:
run File:"X:\System\Programs\TaskMan.exe"
where 'X' is a disk containing ‘EPOC Task Manager’.

EPOC Task Manager Launcher allows you to run ‘EPOC Task Manager’ after reset. It is an alternative way to run the program if you prefer to work from Extras panel. Be sure to install ETaskMgrLaunch.SIS from zip archive.


‘EPOC Task Manager’ is shareware. ‘EPOC Task Manager’ is Copyright © 2002 by Robin Hood. Decompilation or modification of this program is prohibited. You cannot use any ‘EPOC Task Manager’ component(s) in other projects.

This program is provided “As Is” and author can by no means be held responsible for any problems, arising out of installing and using ‘EPOC Task Manager’.


First, download lastest archive. Install correct version according to your device!
If you own Revo, Revo Plus, Mako, Series 5mx or MC-218 - install Revo-5m-MC218 version.
If you own netBook or Series 7 - install netBook version.

‘EPOC Task Manager’ does not run on Series 5, Osaris, GeoFox!

Note for netBook owners: after installation, you MUST perform a "hardware" soft reset, i.e. insert a paper-clip into reset hole near backup cell. Otherwise you will not be able to start ‘EPOC Task Manager’.

To uninstall ‘EPOC Task Manager’:
1) Remove it via Control Panel
2) Perform a soft reset to deactivate system patch.


First, read the license.

Download lastest version (1.03, November 5, 2002):
- EPOC Task Manager 1.03 for ER5, 90 KB zipped file (English, German and Russian versions).
For Series 5mx, Revo, Revo Plus, Mako, MC218, Series 7 and netBook machines.


You may freely use EPOC Task Manager for 21 days. After that, please register the program, if you like it. By registering software you will help authors to develop new programs. We promise to do our best!


This program is published and supported by Symbianware.

Contact and Support information

If you have any question please feel free to contact:
- For all kind of general questions, comments, and other general issues: sales@symbianware.com
- Technical questions: support@symbianware.com

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