This is my first game for EPOC and my third OPL program :). That's why I'm proud of it.
StripPoker lets you play poker with three nice girls at your choice. If you play well - you'll see them naked, otherwise they will get you naked :). StripPoker has two difficulty levels: beginner and normal. You can set it via menu. By default, it plays on normal level.

First, choose a girl you want to play with. You can use your pen or "1", "2" and "3" keys.


At the beginning, both players have $100. Players should make a highest combination according to poker rules. Jokers mean any card. Player with the highest combination wins and gets some money from his/her partner according to the following scale:
5 of a kind (poker) - $100;
straight flush - $90;
4 of a kind - $80;
full house - $70;
flush - $60;
straight - $50;
three of a kind - $40;
two pairs - $30;
a pair - $10.

You can tap a card to turn it over, or use 1...5 keys to do the same. When all desired cards are selected, tap "Draw" button or press Enter key to draw them.

If player's credit becomes null or less, he/she takes off a clothes item and gets $100 for it. And so on, until somebody lose all of his/her clothes.

StripPoker is FREEWARE. Works on Series 5/5mx/7/netBook/Revo/Revo Plus/Mako. Full color supported on 7/netBook.

Runs on Revo now!

Last Update: July 1, 2002. Full Revo support. Third girl added. Color version enhanced.

Download: StripPoker 1.3 (updated July 1, 2002), 270 kB zipped file (English and Russian languages, monochrome, color and Revo versions).
Please be sure to install correct version (netBook, Series5, Revo, according to your device).

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