QuoteMyMail is a small utility that helps you to make your work with EMail application easier.


First you have to make some settings (view main menu, or simply press Ctrl+K). Specify a line width to wrap long lines, next enter your usual form greeting ("Hello" for example) and signature. Check "Strip reply header" box if you want to strip EMail standard reply header at mail top part. Then save settings.

Now put QuoteMyMail to background (press Ctrl+H to hide or switch onto another app) and forget about it.

In EMail application, when you want to reply to a mail, press:

  • Ctrl+Fn+R to reply to sender (similar to standard Ctrl+R)
  • Shift+Ctrl+Fn+R to reply to all addressees (similar to standard Shift+Ctrl+R)

Note: be sure that cursor points to necessary message! Alternatively, you can press hot keys in message view mode.


QuoteMyMail will reply to the mail (wrapping lines), insert your form greeting, quote source text, and put your signature.

This is very first version and I will probably enhance its functionality and interface :)

- v1.0. Initial release.
- v1.1. Bug fix, cosmetic changes.

Download: QuoteMyMail 1.1 for ER5, 7 kB zipped file (English and Russian versions). Has been tested on Revo, 5mx and netBook.

Send your comments to km@mypsion.ru.
Thanks: Nikolai, Robin Hood, Leo.

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